Khaos is an amalgamation of several ideas for MMOs I've had in the past. I have never gotten into any MMOs, but I think it's because (as millions of others have said) companies never try anything different with them. I imagine Khaos as being something of an evolution of Planetside, which unfortunately hasn't been explored much at all.


In the 27th Millennium, the race of Man has expanded it's borders to the furthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond; sleeper berths have been sent to other galaxies, their fates unknown over the infinite reaches of space.

Future technology allows man to make many planets habitable. Some become homes to billions, where science and industry continue to develop in a planet-wide gigalopolis; others are idyllic utopias for the richest to live out their lives in comfort. The materials for the continued expansion of Humankind are harvested from millions of mining colonies across thousands of planets; many of the inhabitants of these planets are simply trying to make a living, but they often become cesspits for criminals looking to make an easy living. Khaos is one of these mining planets.

Current year: 26.309

Thirteen years ago Khaos was officially declared in a "State of Unrest" after several failed attempts by the the solar militia to quell large outlaw uprisings. This means that no further trade will be made with the planet until order is restored by local authorities; as far as the greater galaxy is concerned the planet is not worth the resources required for a military operation and it will burn itself out eventually.

There is quite a bit of high-tech junk laying around, but a lot of stuff is falling into a state of disrepair because of the trade embargo.

Khaos was established as a mining world in the year 25.949 by OrweliCorp. After creating multiple mega-mines the planet was depleted of profitable amounts of its most valuable resources around the year 26.237, and most of the major mines were shut down. Most upper-level management left the planet soon thereafter, and smaller mines began to crop up, mostly managed by corporation members that could not afford a ticket off-world. After OrweliCorp pulled out people had few choices: mine in smaller operations for even less money than before, try to help build a society for their families to live in, or become bandits and steal whatever wealth was left on the planet. This of course led to the slow decay of society until Khaos was finally declared to be in a State of Unrest by the Galactic Council and an embargo was placed on it in March of 26.296. The following thirteen years brought about a state of near anarchy, and today the factions of order and chaos wage a constant war for survival on this harsh world.


Khaos is very focused on having sand-box-style gameplay. Players can: Gamble, Kill players and enemies for bounties, get into tavern fights, rob and defend wagon trains and stage coaches, build towns, cattle rustling, search for gold and minerals, get into duels

Players can set up temporary groupings as posses, or for permanent groupings there will be guilds.

Item Deterioration
Weapons and armor will deteriorate through use and become less effective. Weapons can actually jam if not properly maintained, and different quality items deteriorate less and are less likely to jam in the first place. Weapons all have different rates of deterioration, and players can train weapon maintenance skills so that they don't have to go to a repair shop to keep their weapons up.


Assassination missions, where the player could even be sent to kill another player.

The player has to do some detective work and decide between several people to see who is guilty. Catching the wrong person would result in penalties.

The player is tasked with defending wagon trains/stage coaches. They could choose to rob the caravans they're told to defend, but that would dramatically lower your lawfulness.

Cattle rustling... wouldn't be cattle, but something like that.

Players can help the government, mining companies, and normal families by reclaiming towns that have been lost to outlaws, killing important outlaw leaders (which can include other players), and clearing out mines.

Players can promote chaos by attacking government/mining-owned towns and taking them over (although you'll probably need help!), assassinating important leaders (which can include other players), killing miners in mines, stealing cattle, etc.

Players helping the side of "order" will often be disadvantaged for obvious reasons, so their perks include: safety in towns, and more ready access to trade commodities.


All players start out as lawful citizens.

Players can range from being an upstanding citizen to a cold-blooded killer. The primary difference is that in law-held areas there are NPC guards that protect citizens and players that are lawful, whereas there are no unlawful NPC "guards". A player's standing is not immediately obvious, but if players "inspect" another player they can see their standing. Lawful guards automatically inspect a player's standing immediately when they see them, so generally it isn't possible for an unlawful character to enter a lawful area. However, a lawful character could enter an unlawful area, but this can be dangerous; although there are no unlawful "guards", unlawful NPCs can make random checks, and even if they don't attack you they can flag you as being a lawful character to anyone in the area. They also may attack!

If a player inspects another player that player's standing is flagged to anyone in the general vicinity for several minutes if they are of opposite standing in an area. So for example, if a lawful character is in an unlawful area, if they are inspected by an unlawful character (player or NPC) they will be flagged as a lawful player for a few moments (probably with something like a sheriff's badge over their head or something). If a lawful character inspects another lawful character in an unlawful area, neither character will be flagged. Vice-versa for an unlawful player in a lawful area.

Your standing is affected by your actions. For example, you could take a mission to protect a stagecoach but then turn and rob it, which would lower you lawful standing. However, you will not be offered lawful missions if you are unlawful. The more lawful you become the harder it will be to find unlawful missions. Your lawfulness will also decrease from doing illegal things like killing innocents, killing other lawful characters without being provoked, stealing, etc. Your lawfulness can be increased by assisting guards and other lawful players.

Character Attributes

  • Strength - Determines amount that can be carried, amount of armor that can be worn, and weight of weapons carried
  • Agility - Helps determine accuracy, jump height
  • Stamina - Determines hit points
  • Intelligence
  • Senses - Helps determine attack speed

  • Heavy weapons - increase accuracy with heavy weapons
  • Medium Weapons - increase accuracy with medium-sized weapons
  • Pistols - increase accuracy with pistols
  • Melee Weapons - Increases damage and speed of melee attacks
  • Martial Arts - Increases damage and speed of unarmed attacks
  • Blunt weapons - Increases proficiency with blunt weapons - deal more damage, faster
  • Edged weapons - Increases proficiency with edged weapons - deal more damage, faster
  • Akimbo grip - Allows you to hold ranged weapons akimbo with less penalty
  • Swimming - Increases swim speed
  • Dual-wielding - Allows you to hold two melee weapons with less penalty
  • Steady breathing - higher accuracy
  • Rapid shot - Pistols
  • Full auto - Heavy and medium weapons

  • Nano-bot programming
  • Force-fields
  • Weapon Smithing
  • Explosives
  • Medicine

    Players can also get skills that reduce other player's effectiveness (icy glare, stoic, etc.) Some of these could be buffs for posse-mates.

    Possibly have different weapon types for different skill focuses (energy weapons, bullet weapons)
    Players can focus on support roles using nanobot technology.

    Special weapons
    A player can become skilled using special weapons (flamethrowers and other high-maintenance weapons), but they are rare and expensive. However, the benefits can be worth it!

    Extra Sketches

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