I'm a designer with a passion for creating believable, extraordinary worlds.

This is the portfolio site of Ian Snyder. Iím a game designer at Gameloft Montreal, working on an unannounced Unreal Engine project.


Published Titles

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline - Game Designer

Dungeon Hunter 2 - Environment Artist

GT Racing: Motor Academy - Lead Environment Artist

Game Design and Programming


Woodland Creatures: An iOS game concept

Fantasy Bout: An iOS boxing game concept

Khaos: An MMO concept

Sky Viking

Khaos Hive: Comic and game concept

Blood & Beaks: Strategy game concept

Some scans of my notebook for a Nintendo DS concept Naixela Software - This was a company my programmer buddy and I made; I was responsible for design, art, and music.


Click images for more detailed shots and information.



Click images for more detailed shots and information.



Black Day is a great 30 minute German animated short made with low poly game-rez art. I went through the English subtitles line by line and helped the creator translate the story more clearly to an English-speaking audience. I'm credited at the end of the film in the credits :)

Black Day Website